Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)
Facilities and Services

(Mallorca, Spain)

As Spain's fourth busiest airport, Palma de Mallorca has a vast number of passengers to provide services and facilities for.

Fortunately, the airport offers essential amenities such as financial services as well as a variety of other services dedicated to comfort and relaxation, such as shops and eateries. Business passengers will find some business facilities in the VIP lounges.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: +34 971 789 099
The airport has a number of information desks and these can be found in the Arrivals, Departures and Check-in areas. Transient staff in blue jackets are also on-hand in various parts of the airport to assist passengers.

Below are some telephone numbers that you might find useful:

General Enquires - +34 971 789 000
Customer Services - +34 971 789 924
VIP Lounges - +34 971 789 331
Tourist Information - +34 971 789 556

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There are duty-free outlets situated beyond passport control in the Departures area and a variety of other shops located both before and after security. Products available for purchase include sporting goods, clothing and accessories, music and electronics, perfumes and cosmetics, mementos and souvenirs as well as tobacco, wines and spirits.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

Dining and refreshment options are many and varied; for cafés serving drinks and light food, there's the AutoGrill Caféteria, Bar Rojo, Café-Café and Café Laurentis. Restaurants include Aeropizza, Restaurant Caféteria Sa Calla, Free Flow Mestral, Free Flow Tramontana and Restaurant Son San Joan.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

There are several ATMs situated throughout the airport, while a bank operated by La Caixa, along with bureau de change services, is located on the fourth floor of Departures. A post office is also available.

Business and Conference Facilities

There is no dedicated business centre available at the airport. However, some business facilities can be found in the three VIP lounges that are located in Departures and on Concourse D.

Disabled Facilities

Ramps and wheelchair access are readily available, while specially designed toilets can be found throughout the airport.

Mallorca Airport PMI

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